Aug 07

Your Phone Doesn’t Need To Be This Complicated

This site will give you all the manual instructions you need in order to back up, restore, copy, download or upload any of the following information on your Android phone.

  • Contacts
  • Texts & SMS Messages
  • Photos
  • Music & Videos
  • Apps

We’ll also provide the instructions for both PC and Mac users, because the process differs slightly.

But before we get to that, we need to clarify that unless you are somewhat competent with both the Mac OSx or Windows operating and filing systems, these phones can become quite difficult to work with.  The reason for this is that Android phones store app based data, in their respective folders causing things to become a bit messy.

Here’s an example using photos.
Photos can be stored in 3-5 locations depending on how the photo was taken, or what was done to the photo after it was taken.

Here are just a few of the different reasons photos can be stored in different folders on your phone.

  • Photos taken by the camera.
  • Screen shots.
  • Photo’s edited by an App.
  • Photos’ taken using an App.

The same difficulties can be found with music, video, texts and contact.

So if all you are trying to achieve is a fast and easy  back up or restore of any type of data on your phone, we 100% recommend that you take a free trial of MobileGo by Wondershare, and nice little software that will help you to easily manage your Android device files.

Here’s a link to get 20% off, and there’s a free trial of the software as well.

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Wondershare Mobilego

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