How To Backup or Transfer Texts & SMS Messages On Your Android Phone

1. Get an SD Card, and insert it into your phone.

Before you learn how to backup Android TEXT/SMS to PC or Mac, the first thing that you need to do is learn how to transfer your TEXT / SMS to your memory card. And all that you need to do is open your TEXT / SMS inbox, click on Options, select all messages that you wish to transfer to your phone, click on Options again and select move to phone.

In case you are using the Android version 4.2 and above, click on Options, go to settings, then tap on Text Message (SMS), Tap on ‘Manage SIM Messages’, select all messages and select move to memory card.

2. Create a Backup on Your Phone

Once you have moved your TEXT / SMS to your phone, it is extremely important that you create a backup database file for your messages. To create a backup database file, open TEXT / SMS inbox, tap on Options, select Backup / Restore, choose Backup from the menu, Rename the database file to your preferred name and tap save. After you have finished creating a backup for your TEXT / SMS database, the backup file will be saved in external memory.

3. Check Backup File

After a backup database has been created, you need to verify that the file was successfully saved on your memory card. And to verify the existence of the file, tap on the menu, scroll down to file explorer, choose external memory, look for the folder that you saved your TEXT / SMS backup database with. If you saved your backup database as XYZ then look for the folder XYZ backup.

Incase you are using an earlier version of Android and don’t have the Backup / Restore option in your inbox, then you can open the File Explorer on your phone, navigate to device folder, search for the folder names Data, again enter the subfolder called Data, tap on the subfolder called, navigate to the folder called databases and select the file called ‘MMSSMS.db’. Copy the file by pressing the database for long, navigate back to the external memory card and paste it there.

4. Prepare Your Phone

Once you have all the backup TEXT / SMS databases in place, you need to prepare your Android phone for connectivity with your PC or Mac. To prepare your Android phone for connection, the first thing that you need to do is restart your phone as it will close all unwanted application and processes, and all the phone to connect with the PC or Mac that much easier. Either you may face an overwhelming device conflict, where your phone will not be detected by your PC or Mac at all. After you restart the phone, click on main menu and scroll down to Settings. Open the Settings folder and scroll down to the folder called ‘Developer Option’. Open the folder called ‘Developer Options’ and navigate to ‘USB Debugging’ and check the checkbox beside it. Turning on the ‘USB Debugging’ option will allow your phone to be connected to your computer in a step by step process and debug any errors faced. If you notice any Pop Up notification after you have checked the USB Debugging option, then simply click OK and exit.

5. Connection Your Phone

After completing all the steps mentioned above and checking the USB Debugging option on your phone, connect the larger flathead pin of the USB cable to the computer and insert the smaller flathead pin to the end of your phone. Once connected, you will notice a plug and play option running on your computer, where your phone will be detected automatically and all drivers will be installed automatically without any problem. After you connect your phone to the computer, you will see a pop up notification on your phone where you need to select the option ‘Connect as Media Device’. Also you need to check the connect to the internet option this time on your computer once the plug and play starts detecting and you will be ready for transfer.

6. Transfering TEXT / SMS Database to Computer

After connecting your Android phone to your computer and detection is complete, you will notice an autorun menu appear on screen. Where you need to select open files and folder so that you can navigate to the folder where your backup database is saved. If you cannot find the backup folder on the opened drive, open your main Hard Disk Drive folder where you will be able to see all drives and you will be able to see two separate icons for external memory and phone memory. Navigate to the folder where your backup is saved, copy the file from the external memory card or phone memory and paste the database file on your computer. And you have learned how to backup Android TEXT/SMS.